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Downkill has sympathized with electronic dance music since the beginning, when he had no idea that his music under this name will going to appear down under. However, it was a long way which led to this point. At first, he got to know the world of dance music as a consumer. He arrived to techno which was a dominant phenomenon in his taste and his work. This period brought the intention of creating his own music which proved to be a the only thing, what he want to work with. Music creation is became a passion for him quickly. His first remix was published as the winner of V-Sag remix contest on Fiberline Audio, and this proved him that it was worth dealing with the organization of sound frequencies. After the wondering between different styles, he arrived at his mature dk style which can be immediately heard in any of his productions. His style is mostly tech-house, but every genre has it’s imprint on his music. His technical development is due to ten years of practice and the learnin